Free Throw

by Free Throw

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Debut EP from Nashville, TN's Free Throw (featuring members of Prove Them Wrong, Captain and Jack, and Sonsett).

Guitar/Vocals - Cory Castro
Guitar/Vocals - Wes Winslett
Guitar - Lawrence Warner
Bass - Justin Castro
Drums/Vocals - Tim Casey

Get on Facebook and tell us where you are from so we can make plans to come play in your town and drink your town dry of its beer supply.


released October 26, 2012

All music written and performed by Free Throw.
Engineered by Tim Casey and Joel Phillips.
Mixed by Jordan Casey.


all rights reserved



Free Throw Nashville, Tennessee

The Drake of punk.

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Track Name: Lvl. 2 Pidgey In A Masterball
I'm pretty sure I hate you
This epiphany, it came to me today
Amidst a fit of rage!
I wish that i could break you
And make you feel my hate
You're nothing more than a mistake

You're voice it echos
Off the walls of the cave that is my head
It makes me wish that I was dead!
Feed my addiction
By pouring liqour down my throat
Only hoping I can cope
And make it through another fucking day

The alcohol it helps me to pretend
That you don't think you're happier with him
Sometimes I wish the worst on you and all your friends
And hope that you all meet untimely ends

I never thought we'd be
Falling just like the leaves
From all of these dead trees
Track Name: My High
Who says we can't be happy?
Track Name: My Low
Today's cold
And tomorrows not looking up
Would it be too bold
To say that we're fucked?

All your excuses just came to light
And two of your wrongs probably means i'm right
Those feelings you brought out tonight
Might make me take the shit end of this fight

But I don't care
If tomorrow you're still here
Because right now
I'm living off that fear

Who says we can't be happy?
Its just love, who says I can't be miserable?
Track Name: An Hour Pissed
You know I'm a drinker, but I won't swallow my pride anymore
Tonight you've got me thinking so hard that my fucking eyelids are sore
I don't want to live this life when every single minutes a chore
We complicate our existence and what the fuck do we do it for?

God damn its been way too long
Since we've agreed on anything at all
I kept my hopes up, I'm so sorry
I never thought that you could make me feel so small

I'm tired of the bullshit and the fact we're never on the same page
I hate the way you smirk at every single fucking thing that I say
And I think...
I think right nows the perfect time to tell you that we're taking a break

Oh, nevermind.
Track Name: Gersberms!
You always said it wasn't the right time.
You always said I wasn't good enough for you.

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